Our daily-trade encompasses dealing with major and minor bulk commodities both across the globe and within selected regions where our expertise is at its best.
Shipments of grains from Black Sea, fertilizers from North Africa, coal from Baltic via Handy and Supra size carriers are part of the chartering desk's scope of responsibilities.

Tonnage-wise the application of our efforts is historically and presently ranging from Supras to coasters with emphasis on the Handy-size market.
Basing on long-standing partnership with reputable Ship Owners, who control large fleets or several vessels, operate world-wide or locally, we are well-stocked to diversify tonnage supply as per Charterer's needs. 

According to demands of our partners we provide tonnage on voyage-charter, contract of affreightment or time-charter basis, assess and prognose market conditions, manage postfix routine and demurrage issues, assure seamless coordination of all parties involved.